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Languages have always been part of my life. I call Spanish the language of my heart, and English the cultural vision of the world. Transmitting and translating is what I have done naturally. This common thread that runs through almost all my work decisions.


Languages must above all, in my eyes, are source of fun and openness to new possibilities. I mix games, singing, physical movements and manual activities...because each person has a special way of learning.  The work of a Translator is not just a matter of words: for me it's about making a whole culture understandable. 


Yovanna Héron Posada.  A bilingual teacher, with 6 year of teaching experience in France and abroad. She found he passion in 2012 during her enriching experience teaching English to children in Cambodia for 2 years.  


 With an American and Colombian nationality she was exposed to a multicultural family since an early age. Passionate about languages and cultures, she traveled the world in search of linguistic understanding as well as alternatives methods  of early learning. She is inspired by  Maria Montessori  and her child-centered educational approach as well as Howard Gardner who proposed in the late '70s the Multiple Intelligence theory. She is member of "Innovation en Éducation".  An association created  in 2014 by Julien Peron, with the sole belief that "everything starts with education". 


TOEIC - TEFL Certified 2018  "Diplômée Formateur linguistique" in Toulouse, France in 2017 graduated with a Bachelor degree in Political Science in Miami, FL 2004 and a M.A in Spanish and English applied languages, culture and literature in 2008.

She decided to create a place where children and adolescents could learn how to communicate, understand and write in a foreign language.

Les Expressifs , is engage to a creative learning experiences, that stimulates  children and teenagers with a wide range of pedagogical tools and activities.


She works closely with her students and parents throughout the year to ensure that they maximize every opportunity to develop the use of a new language.








"Begin to open up your mind to the idea that language, in essence, represents a cultural world view"


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